Dog Wet Weather Jacket - NEW!!

For the active BFF (Best Furry Friend) who tends to spend more time outside than inside the house.

When your BFF needs to walk early morning and it's cool, the grass is wet or if it's raining, the BFF Wet Weather jacket is ideal!

This product has been requested by some of our clients who prefer their BFF to sleep under cover, on the Porch, in their kennel or laundry. The Wet Weather jacket is designed to keep your BFF warm at night whilst allowing air circulation when walking. The best of both worlds!!

Designed to offer warmth with quilted 100% Australian Alpaca fibre underside, with high tech microfibre outer covering that is soft, quiet, waterproof, strong, breathable, has anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties and is washable.

This product is especially good for the small, medium and medium-large BFF so we would be happy to supply a custom order on request.

Currently available in 30cm, 35cm & 40cm with customised orders for 45cm, 50cm, 55cm & 60cm.

The BFF Wet Weather jacket comes in stylish Burgundy.

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