Christmas Pet Packs - SPECIAL

Has your pet been good?  OK, is it cute?  Don't forget them over Christmas!

Pet packs with Doggy Doona or Moggy Mat with Alpaca soft toy and treat is now available for a limited time.

These gifts are functional, fun and something that your BFF (Best Furry Friend) will love throughout the year!

COST:  $65.00 including postage.

Worried that your BFF is not getting the sleeping support it needs? 

Look at our WORLD FIRST ergonomic Alpaca mattresses, designed to accomodate the unique sleeping positions of dogs and cats. The mattresses supports the spine and offers cushioning for the shoulders and hips resulting in a more restful, comfortable sleep.


"From paddock to product"

Christmas Pet Pack - Moggy

Christmas Pet Pack - Moggy


Units:  5

New Products For June - Christmas Pet Packs - SPECIAL