About Us

Our farm, Greenridge Glen, is located on top of the Great Dividing Range at Crookwell, New South Wales, 250 Km south of Sydney.

This area is renowned for superfine wool and exquisite Alpaca fibre. The climate is ideal for the production of stunning fibre with its cold winters and warm to hot dry summers, great pastures and an abundance of water.

Greenridge Glen was established in 2002 with the purpose of farming Alpaca. We were attracted to their soft padded feet that move gently across our delicate landscape without disturbing the top layer of soil, similar to our native animals, the kangaroo and wallaby. The Alpaca is a surprisingly intelligent animal that selectively graze on grass, native plants, the odd gum leaf or pine needle for a taste change. Our Alpaca also enjoy good quality Lucerne during winter and throughout spring together with additional supplements to ensure they remain healthy, strong and productive.

APA was established to focus on the development and marketing of Alpaca solutions that would be stylish and practical for pet owners.

Our mission is to design and produce dashing functional dog wear and pet products to support their wellbeing, image and comfort.
As a long term pet owner, we understand and appreciate that your most loyal companion needs your protection and support but more importantly, allow them to be comfortable as a dog or cat.

We are dedicated to the highest quality throughout the product lifecycle - from paddock to product.

We welcome feedback and your stories and photos of how your BFF (Best furry friend) makes your life that little better.

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